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Something in the way,a song sang by kurt cobainwho is the soul of rock band NIRVANA.when listen kurt’s music,always feel great power make me was NO.1.By this time,again and again listen kurt’s music,i can find some way good for my life.when you angry or happy ,whatever you like,wherever you here now,you also can find some music like kurt’s if you need.i think ,if the song have soul,in spite of singing good or bad,just you like then everything ok.
when i was young,never listen music,any music,until 18 i heared some pop music,sang with chinese.many soft music touched me deeply.but when enty college,i contact with various people,communication is very very important;from now on i really love music.any kind of music,pop, punk, metal,jazz(this is difficult understand),gothic ,darkwave,opera(now every day i must listen
mozart(莫扎特(1756-1791,奥地利作曲家,维也纳古典乐派主要代表,费加罗的婚礼 ).
china worker is very tired,but the wage is little,the same situation on me.i need work 12 hours one day,the wage about is RMB 120yuan,equal to 15 dollars one chinese is very cheap.i like some pay on internet,like Http://,and some charged webspace.example HttP://,flickr support photo storage,beforetime is free,very good web,speed very very good,but now flick need pay 24 dollars,free service out.actually 24 dollars is cheap for developed country,unluckily i am chinese,so feeling some expensive.^_^
nothing can do only thinking and looking.
i worked hardly ,never felt tired.because i have some way to live,i think all over the world must have someone hardly work than me,and may be the wage is less..
Who makes me wana singing?waiting……



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