100 YouTube Videos to Instantly Improve Your Mood

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100 YouTube Videos to Instantly Improve Your Mood

By L. Fabry

Going through tough times? Get an instant jolt to your mood by simply turning on YouTube. Below are the best 100 videos to inspire you, make you laugh, or have you singing a song in no time.

YouTube Videos to Inspire Your Mood

Below are some of the most inspirational videos of our time to help you see how others overcame disaster.

1. Winston Churchill: In 1940, war loomed over the world focused in Europe. Winston Churchill gave the famous “we will fight them on the beaches” speech to address the coming storm.

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt: On June 6, 1944, the Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy at the height of World War II. This famous presidential radio address begins with the words “My fellow Americans.”

3. John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Hear the meaning behind these words and much more from this speech from our 35th president.

4. Martin Luther King: This is the “I Have A Dream Speech” with the words that inspired a generation. They would soon inspire a nation towards a civil rights movement and is still taught in schoolrooms today.

5. Malcolm X: Just a few months after the above speech, Malcolm X gave this speech which used the famous phrase, “by any means necessary.” Learn about these two different philosophies by hearing this opposing point of view.

6. The Moon Landing: In 1969, Neil Armstrong and a team of NASA astronauts showed that anything was possible by setting foot on the moon. View this short video of the landing itself, including the famous “one small step” part.

7. Ronald Reagan: On the closing days of the 50 year Cold War, President Reagan called for peace and a reunification of Germany. This speech includes the famous line, “tear down this wall.”

8. Nelson Mandela: In 1990, Nelson Mandela was freed from an African prison after spending a lifetime fighting apartheid. The BBC has extensive coverage and even a press conference with Nelson Mandela just after his release.

9. George W., Bush: Shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush addressed the nation. This four minute long address calls for peace, justice, and healing.

10. Barack Obama: The first African American president in United States history made his inaugural speech on January 21, 2009. Hear his words in their entirety by watching this video.

YouTube Videos to Improve Your Patriotism

Americans who are feeling down will enjoy these YouTube videos on the plight of our forefathers and the solutions they came up with.

11. Magna Carta: Written in 1215, this English document is the foundation on which Great Britain and the United States were founded. Learn more about this historical document in this short video.

12. The Declaration of Independence: The founding document of the United States, the Declaration of Independence is one of the most patriotic and inspiring documents in history. In this short film, narrated by Morgan Freeman, you can learn much more.

13. The Constitution: The governing document of the United States, it contains seven articles and 27 bills or amendments. Hear the entirety of this document read in five parts.

14. Gettysburg Address: At the height of the Civil War, President Lincoln read this history changing address to a group of soldiers. Using a look alike and some old fashioned camera techniques, this speech is recreated.

15. Statue of Liberty: In exchange for the Eiffel Tower, the French gave the Americans this statue as a gift in 1886. Learn more about this historic statue from this short documentary.

16. Mount Rushmore: Another scenic and patriotic site, Mount Rushmore was completed in 1941. This short video contains more information on this landmark.

Music Videos to Instantly Improve Your Mood

Nothing can improve a mood like music. Hear some of the best and the most timeless classics by watching the videos below.

17. What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong entertained thousands of people with this memorable hit performed in 1968. Images and videos are also interposed.

18. Let It Be: In 1970, The Beatles broke fans hearts by announcing their permanent break up. Hear one of their most inspiring songs recorded shortly before that and set to historic images by watching this video.

19. The Impossible Dream: Elvis Presley had dozens of hits and sold a billion records before he tragically passed away. Hear his version of this inspirational song performed live from Madison Square Garden in 1972.

20. Imagine: After he broke with the Beatles, John Lennon recorded one of the most moving songs in history. Hear it live from Madison Square Garden in 1972.

21. MyWay: Frank Sinatra was a popular entertainer for over 50 years. Hear one of his most inspiring hits, “my Way” performed live in 1974.

22. We Are The Champions: The legendary Freddie Mercury was an inspiration for the gay community. This chart topping song is performed by Freddie and Queen and is sung live in this video.

23. I Will Survive: Going through a painful breakup? So did Gloria Gaynor. See how she survived by hearing this live performance in 1979.

24. We Are The World: Nearly every music star of the 1980′s joined forces with Michael Jackson and others to end hunger in Africa. View the music video in its entirety of this inspiring song.

25. Never Be The Same: Tony Melendez was born in Nicaragua without any arms. That didn’t stop him from pursuing a career in music and in 1987, he played this song on a guitar with his feet for the Pope in Los Angeles.

26. Time To Say Goodbye: Andrea Bocelli is a blind tenor. However, he is most remembered for this inspirational song as a duet with Sarah Brightman.

27. One: For 20 years, U2 has been leading the charts. Hear one of their all time greats live by watching this video.

28. Viva La Vida: Coldplay struck a chord with worldwide audiences with the release of this song. Get an extra boost by listening to it sung by the music class of PS22 in New York City.

Sports Videos to Instantly Improve Your Mood

See amazing acts of heroism performed on the field and shared by every generation in these best sports videos.

29. Babe Ruth: The first sports superstar, Babe Ruth had many monikers. See the Great Bambino make history by hitting a record 60th home run to cap the baseball season.

30. Lou Gherig: It was 1939, and the Yankees would lose yet another historic player. “The Luckiest Man in the World” says goodbye in this moving speech.

31. Jackie Robinson: The country was still segregated, but that didn’t matter when he took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1944. Learn more about this pivotal figure by watching this short film.

32. Rudy: He was an enthusiastic football player who was too small to take the field. That all changed in 1975, when he got to play in the final moments of the game, sacking the quarterback.

33. Nadia Comaneci: At just 14 years of age, this Romanian gymnast made history by scoring the first perfect ten ever in any gymnastics event in 1976. See the flawless routine on this video.

34. Miracle on Ice: In 1980 a ragtag group of Americans formed the Olympic hockey team and defied all odds. See the winning goal and last five minutes of this inspiring game in this video.

35. Lance Armstrong: In 1996, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Everyone thought it would be the end, but he proved them wrong by winning a record seven Tour de France championships. This short video shows his greatest hits.

36. Tiger Woods: He made history by becoming the youngest and the first African American to win the Master’s golf tournament in 1997. This short video contains highlights from that game.

37. Pat Tillman: A safety for the Arizona Cardinals, he was tragically killed in Afghanistan on duty as a United States Army Ranger. See how he celebrated at Arizona State in this video.

38. Jason Mcelway: This special ed student was the basketball team manager. He ended up making six three pointers in the last four minutes of his first game.

Videos from the Departed to Instantly Improve Your Mood

Before they tragically left us, these inspiring people shared their words and wisdom in these YouTube videos.

39. Robert F. Kennedy: He was a prominent politician and was assassinated in 1968. Shortly before his own death, he announced the assassination of Martin Luther King and had some inspiring words on that day.

40. Bob Marley: He was the leading force in reggae music and an inspiration to a generation. In this rare lost interview from 1976, he discusses his music and message.

41. Princess Diana: Her life was tragically cut short by a car accident in 1997. In this fan made video, you can get clips of some of her most moving speeches.

42. Christopher Reeve: Best known for his role in the “Superman” movies, he was paralyzed in a 1995 horse riding accident. In 2004, he died from a heart attack and this news piece looks back on his inspiring life.

43. Randy Pausch: A professor at Carnegie Mellon University, he participated in a “Last Lecture” challenge. Before he died of cancer in 2008, he recorded this inspirational speech entitled, “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.”

44. Heath Ledger: At only 28, he died in 2008 at the top of his career. In 2009, he would go onto win an Oscar for his performance in “The Dark Knight.”

45. Michael Jackson: He topped the charts for most of his life and tragically died in 2009. ABC News did a short interview with him on what would be his last birthday in this video.

Spiritual Videos to Instantly Improve Your Mood

Get closer to God or simply hear an uplifting message by listening to some of the most memorable religious leaders of our time in these YouTube videos.

46. Mahatma Gandhi: One of India’s most prominent spiritual leaders, he sought non violent civil disobedience before he was assassinated in 1948. Hear one of his few recorded speeches on this video.

47. Billy Graham: A Southern Baptist preacher, he was won the hearts of millions of followers. Hear one of his first videotaped speeches taken in 1957.

48. Pope John Paul !!: The first non-Italian Pope in history, he was well known for his travels. Hear a speech he gave in English in 1979 on a trip to Washington, D.C. in this video.

49. Mother Theresa: For over 45 years, she helped the poor and sick of India through her mission. In this video made in 1996, she answers the questions of American school children.

50. Joel Osteen: Currently the most popular preacher in the country, his sermons are seen on television by over 7 million people. 60 Minutes did a short piece on him in this video in 2007.

51. Amr Khaled: One of the first Muslim televangelists, he is a leading voice of a new generation of Muslims. In this interview with Gallup he discusses the issues of women and youth.

52. Jerry Falwell: A pastor and one of the first televangelists, he died in 2007. The 700 Club remembers him in this video.

53. Dalai Lama: The 14th Dalai Lama, he was born Tenzin Gyatso. In this 2009 video, he comments on Tibet, his exile, violence, and more.

Funny Stand Up YouTube Videos to Improve Your Mood

Still in a bad mood? Then try not to laugh at some of the best stand up comedians to ever take the stage. Explicit language and content is contained in some of these videos.

54. Bob Hope: One of the best, he made generations laugh with his material and legendary performances with the U.S.O. One of his most recognized specials was “Christmas With The Troops,” and you can see the best of them here.

55. Don Rickles: A famous comedian and roaster, he is a legend in comedy. See an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” in this video.

56. Rodney Dangerfield: Famous for lines like “I Get No Respect,” he is a master of stand up comedy. Improve your mood by seeing the “I Can’t Take It No More” piece.

57. George Carlin: A famous and smutty stand up comedian he was made news with his “Seven Words You Can’t Say” routine. Hear the explicit material in its entirety from a 1978 performance.

58. Richard Pryor: He was one of the first African American comedians and one of the most recognized names in comedy. In 1982, he had a special called “Live at the Sunset Strip,” and you can get the first part of the explicit performance here.

59. Eddie Murphy: A famous actor and comedian of both television and the big screen, he also did stand up comedy. See the famous “Raw” from 1987 in this classic clip.

60. Robin Williams: He gained recognition for his performance as Mork in the series, “Mork and Mindy.” See an explicit stand up act in ten parts with this video.

61. Ellen Degeneres: Before she was a talk show host, she was a successful comedienne. One of her HBO specials was entitled “Here & Now,” and you can see it on YouTube.

62. Chris Rock: A former player on “Saturday Night Live,” he found a successful career as a stand up comedian. Race is always a hot topic of his performances and an explicit excerpt can be found here.

63. Bernie Mac: An actor and comedian, he appeared in various movies and his own television show. He launched to fame in the 2000 film “Kings of Comedy,” and you can view a snippet of his performance here.

64. Kathy Griffin: Now the star of her own reality television show, she made headlines by attacking celebrities. See how and why by viewing her graphic performance in “Allegedly.”

65. Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One of the best selling and most popular comedy tours, it is helmed by Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry the Cable Guy. Hear some of their favorite jokes in this video.

Funny Television YouTube Videos to Improve Your Mood

Ever since the inception of television, shows have been produced solely with the purpose of improving moods. See some of the best and funniest moments in television by watching these.

66. Johnny Carson: When Ed Ames tossed a tomahawk on “The Tonight Show,” it produced one of the longest continuing laughs in television history. See the video, along with others on this playlist.

67. I Love Lucy: Another of televisions longest recorded laughs came from Lucille Ball. In this scene she attempts to perform a tango with a dozen eggs down her shirt.

68. All In The Family: This show captured the spirit of the times in a controversial and straight forward manner. See the legendary Bea Arthur’s appearance on this video.

69. Three’s Company: John Ritter and company kept the world laughing until 1984. See the most hilarious outtakes and bloopers in these videos.

70. Gilda Radner: Best known for her appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” she had a ton of comedic material. One of them was her impression of Barbara Walters and it is discussed further here.

71. Jay Leno: The famed “Tonight Show” host was famous for many funny moments. View the best of his “jaywalking” segments on this video.

72. The Cosby Show: Bill Cosby changed television with his award winning sitcom and could improve any mood. In this classic clip, the Huxtable family performs a Ray Charles hit.

73. The Simpsons: The longest running show in television history, The Simpsons is also a primetime animated sitcom. In this short clip, you can see the top ten quotes.

74. Seinfeld: This groundbreaking show was proudly about nothing. Adults will enjoy this clip documenting “The Contest.”

75. Friends: From 1994 to 2004, this show captivated Thursday night audiences. See hilarious bloopers that never made it to air in this video.

76. South Park: One of the most controversial and explicit shows in television history, South Park may be a cartoon, but it is not for children. The episode “Trapped in the Closet” was a source of awards, discussions, and a clip with creator commentary can be seen here.

Funny YouTube Skits to Improve Your Mood

Those who don’t want to sit through an entire hour or half hour of television will enjoy seeing the best of sketch comedy in the below skits.

77. Who’s on First?: Abbott and Costello were the first names in sketch comedy. See this classic 1945 sketch that is still quoted and enjoyed to this day.

78. The Carol Burnett Show: In the seventies, she had a leading variety show that made millions laugh. One of the most hilarious performances was the “Gone With The Wind” sketch and it can be seen here.

79. Monty Python: A leading name in British comedy, these sketches have been enjoyed all over the world. This one is entitled “Argument Clinic” and has improved many moods.

80. Chris Farley: He was also a regular on “Saturday Night Live,” and delighted millions with his hilarious performances. One of them was Matt Foley, motivational speaker, and a compilation can be found here.

81. SNL: Because it’s difficult to choose one, view this playlist of the best in Saturday Night Live sketches. Famous parodies include George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

82. Jim Carrey: Before he was a movie star, he performed in sketch comedies. Fire Marshall Bill was a popular character and he can be seen in this sketch.

83. In Living Color: The show famous for such alumni as Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx, they had many hilarious sketches. This one was entitled “Men On Films,” in which two gay men critique current films.

84. Mad TV: Fox’s answer to NBC’s SNL, Mad TV had a number of memorable and hilarious sketches. In this one, a frustrated John Madden does a popcorn commercial.

85. Mad TV 2: In another hilarious sketch, the players at Mad TV recreate the MTV show Jackass. See how it would have been improved had Kenny Rodgers been hosting.

86. The Man Show Boy: First airing on Comedy Central, this show was intended for men and occasionally featured a heavyset boy that surprised passersby. Adults can see his thoughts on beer, babes, and college.

87. Chappelle Show: For only two and a half seasons, Dave had an entire nation tune into his sketch show. See some of the best clips from the show in this video, including the Rick James one.

YouTube Videos to Improve the Moods of Kids

Children or adults who want to relive the past will enjoy the best of cartoons and material for kids in these YouTube videos.

88. Mickey Mouse: The first cartoon character on screen, Mickey Mouse is one of the most memorable faces in the world. In the “Fantasia” cartoon, Mickey inherits magical powers he cannot quite control.

89. Donald Duck: Famous for losing his temper and his unique voice, Donald can improve a mood seconds. In “The Vanishing Private,” he joins the army and hilarity ensues.

90. Goofy: Is he a dog or something else altogether? Learn more by watching Goofy get into shape in this classic cartoon.

91. Chip and Dale: This chipmunk duo was one of the first animated comedy teams. See them irk Donald Duck in the classic cartoon “All in A Nutshell.”

92. Kids Say the Darndest Things: See this compilation of Art Linkletter’s show from the 1950′s. Real kids answer real questions with hilarious results.

93. Charlie Brown: The Peanuts gang has entertained and delighted children for decades. See the traditional “Great Pumpkin” episode on this video.

94. Alvin And The Chipmunks: An animated singing group, this cartoon was even made into a feature film. In this classic clip, they perform the original hit “Christmas Don’t Be Late.”

95. Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd have had a long standing feud. See it set to opera in the remake of “The Barber of Seville.”

96. Looney Tunes 2: Foghorn Leghorn is most memorable for beginning his sentences with “I Say.” See how he deals with the chicken hawk in this classic cartoon.

97. Tiny Toons: A spin off of “Looney Tunes,” this show delighted a new generation of viewers. See how a young Plucky Duck learned how to potty train in this hilarious episode.

98. Animaniacs: This short lived cartoon improved the moods of both adults and children. See the best of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in this short video.

99. Slappy the Squirrel: Are the kids too young for Abbott and Costello? Then see this animated remake of the famous sketch as performed by squirrels at Woodstock.

100. America’s Funniest Home Videos: Still on air today, this show brought the best in the country’s funniest videos to one spot. See a compilation of some of the greatest in this ten minute video.

Whether looking for videos on music, sports, television, cartoons, or inspiration, you will find the best of them all in these 100 YouTube videos to instantly improve your mood.

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