kloxo linux apche vps 文件夹755属性没有读写权限 permission deny

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kloxo linux apche vps 文件夹755属性没有读写权限 permission deny的解决办法

      当我在网络上查找755 permission deny的时候,发现有一些人建议把文件夹修改为777,但是正如我所想的这是不安全的,有人建议千万别设置成777,这是很不安全的,这为黑客的攻击留有后门。当然,我们虽然是小站,但被黑了总是麻烦的。

     那么怎么会755的文件夹没有读写权限了呢,以wodpress为例,以前在虚拟主机上好好的,怎么跳到vps上就出问题了呢。如果你也有这个问题,那么答案就是,那是因为虚拟主机管理员都设置了,启用suphp,suphp模块的作用是让755的文件 可以和777的权限一样,可以读取。所以我们要做的就是在kloxo 控制面板启用suphp,在这之前请先把web服务器切换成apache模式,lighttpd是没有这个选项的。

这也算碰到的问题跟大家说说,以前没有使用过vps,现在是在学习中。记住一点,碰到问题permission deny 或者directory not writable一般都是文件夹权限的问题,不可随便设置为777来了事,当然你认为这个文件不太重要可以设置为777,但我不清楚这是否会全局ying影响到整个网站的安全。



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kloxo linux apche vps folder permissions to 755 read and write permission deny property without a solution

I find 755 permission deny the network when some people found the
proposed changes to the folder for the 777, but as I thought it was
unsafe, it was suggested Do not set to 777, which is very safe
This left the back door to hackers. We certainly is a small station, but was hacked always trouble.

how will 755 do not read and write permissions to the folder of it to
wodpress example, before the virtual host and hard about how Skip vps
on what has gone wrong.
you have this problem, the answer is, it is because administrators have
set up a virtual host, enable suphp, suphp module’s role is to make 755
and 777 can file permissions, can be read.
we have to do is enable the control panel in kloxo suphp, in this
before you switch to apache web server mode, lighttpd is no such

This, too, encountered problems with you to talk about, not previously used vps, is now in the study. Remember
that the problem encountered permission deny or directory not writable
folder permissions are generally the problem, can not arbitrarily set
to 777 to settle the matter, of course, is not important do you think
this file can be set to 777, but I do not know whether this is
ying will affect the global security of the entire site.


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